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In the ever-changing digital economy, the most powerful and enduring brands are digital disruptors because they are built with innovative digital capabilities core to their philosophy of market leadership. Connexions helps companies embrace and transition to the digital world.

Our focus on SAP’s Core Digital and Enterprise Cloud integration allows us to leverage our industry and digital expertise to deliver effective and emotionally empathetic experiences to our clients. Through our Envision, Align and Enable approach, we prioritize the end-user experience while meeting the needs of companies trying to position themselves and generate maximum impact in their respective industries and markets.

Connexions Digital Services Benefits:

  • Key Performance Indicator- (KPI-) led approach utilizing our understanding of clients' business and peer group
  • Expertise in digital technologies and industry-specific “digital maturity” toolkits that impact our target businesses
  • Advisory-led approach headed by cross-functional industry and digital experience technology experts
  • Emphasis on Experience Cloud Management and emerging technologies
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ERP Core

Whether your company is running R/3 ECC or you have an interest in S/4HANA, Connexions has invested in people, process and innovation to support optimization and deployment efforts. Every company has an interest in getting the most value out of pre-owned systems. We are well known for optimizing platforms while minimizing complexity, and if these solutions become obsolete, we’re here to help your team develop and deploy plans for Digital Transformation. Discovering the benefits of Digital Transformation, envisioning solutions, aligning the business and preparing for an SAP S/4HANA implementation is what we do every day. Every implementation is unique, so we work with your company to define Key Performance Indicators to help optimize your business. Our SAP Experts will guide the journey.

SAP Hybris Core

At Connexions, solutions with SAP Hybris start with the customer’s experience, satisfaction and insights. A focus on customer experience and behavior dramatically improves insights, so we look at everything from the customer’s perspective to define expectations. The journey toward Digital Transformation starts with prioritization of activities that create value and improve profitability, competitive advantage among your peer group or reduce the cost of customer acquisition. At Connexions, we lead this journey every day with our customers, and our SAP Experts can guide you, too. 

Analytics by Role

Every operational role across the enterprise requires information to make decisions. Imagine if you had access to information hours or days sooner than you do now. Your company would have the ability to change plans based on revisions to forecasts, production capabilities and Customer Service-level Agreements to improve profitability.  At Connexions, the journey to your Digital Enterprise starts with understanding the Key Performance Indicators for key roles across the business. Our team delivers results by focusing on delivering the necessary information to those who need it.  We do this while minimizing the number of clicks required to satisfy reports, queries and reports. 

Digital Service Segments

Connexions provides a wide range of best-in-class solutions and effective services that are spread across the digital services value chain:

Digital Commerce

Connexions helps organizations find the right mix of capabilities for their unique brand. With expertise spanning the full eCommerce ecosystem, our skilled team can assist in developing digital strategy, digital marketing, and much more.

Digital Experience

Connexions’ Digital Customer-centric Experiences (cDigital C²X) are designed with the inherent needs of customers, employees and business partners in mind. We help our clients develop strategies and experiences that are relevant and engaging at every turn.

Digital Enterprise Integration

As the world moves more and more into the digital space, your business will likely feel pressure to follow suit. Connexions has experience with assisting organizations with integrating digital and non-digital legacy platforms using SAP Digital Core. With a direct partnership with SAP’s Product Development team, Connexions finds one of its key strengths in Digital Enterprise Integration.

Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence

With years of experience in several industry verticals, we use both internal and external data to ensure our clients receive transformational results. Our approach to actionable analytics and its visualization ensures that our clients receive the best intelligence on their business to act immediately.